10 hours ago · TG /TF Caption - Wheel Game Show 2. busty, giant, hung and etc) 1. More transformations will be added as more levels of the dungeons are put in 'RUINED!' is an adult choose your own adventure (CYOA) text adventure with heavy TG themes involving MtF transformation of human to feral Pokemon, and human to anthro legendary Pokemon. 9 hours. TG-TransGender TF-Transformation-Furry/Creature AR-Age Regression AP-Age Progression IT-Inanimate Transformation A Strangeness at The Sorority HouseBy Bill Hart TG,TF A Friend in NeedBy Bill Hart TG AftermathBy Morpheus TG Anniversary Giftby Morpheus TG Another Friend in NeedBy Bill Hart TG Bad Girl By Morpheus Beauty WashBy Morpheus TG. Areg5 is creating AR and AP comics. JoJoTF creates TG comics. Get them both here! Select a membership level Bonus Comic, Animations, we love JoJo! $1 per month Join or save 10% if you pay annually This month's Bonus Comics are The Crush Triangle Part 3 and Ages Chapter 1 by TinyThea! Plus, all Areg5 animations. A premium comic! $3 per month Join.

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